Covid-19 info and shipping

As everyone knows, we are facing a global health crisis.
At PetClean, we are doing everything in our power to ensure that barrier gestures are made and we have imposed strict rules on all members of the company.
All parcels are checked and are subject to strict and reinforced sanitary control.

Delivery times for all parcels worldwide are heavily impacted and PetClean parcels are no exception.
Each parcel should have been delivered in a maximum of 2 weeks, but given the current situation, it is possible that these delivery times can easily be doubled.

Some delays can be between 25 to 40 working days of delivery. These are the deadlines indicated by our suppliers and unfortunately we cannot do better. On our side, we continue to ship packages in 48 hours maximum.
We simply ask our customers to be patient, your packages will be delivered no matter what happens.
We do our best to ensure that they arrive as quickly as possible, but unfortunately we are not responsible for the delivery times of our carriers. In addition, parcels are currently experiencing significant delays at the sorting center. Sorting centers are forced by governments to process packages by priority order and no longer by order date. Thus, health parcels are sent in priority leaving our parcels on hold.

If after 40 business days your tracking number is not telling you anything or if you have not received the package, please contact us by email at, our customer service department will review the situation with you.

We apologize in advance for this inconvenience, but we know that as a citizen of the world, you understand the difficulty of the current situation. We are confident that you will be tolerant. We thank you in advance for your sympathy and understanding.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at

Thank you for your understanding.